Xiao Yao Wan for Qi and Harmony

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Xiao Yao Wan - Free and Easy Wanderer

xiao yao wanXiao Yao Wan (also known as "Free & Easy Wanderer", Hsiao Yao Wan, Minor Bupleurum Combination and Rambling Powder Pills), a mix of Chinese herbs, has helped countless women relieve anger, irritability and stress associated with premenstrual syndrome and their monthly cycles. This special herbal formula regulates qi, nourishes the blood and generally harmonizes the body.

Free & Easy Wanderer is the traditional herbal formula used for most PMS conditions, while Free & Easy Wanderer Plus (jia wei xiao yao wan ) is a reformulation of the traditional formula. The primary difference between the two formulas is that Free & Easy Wanderer Plus contains additional herbal ingredients which help alleviate excessive heat/yin deficiency and sweating, whereas Free & Easier Wanderer focuses primarily on normal body discomfort and stress associated with PMS.

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