White Tea for More Antioxidants

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Chinese White Tea

White teas can really be classified as a subgroup of green teas, but have recently gained a status of their own because of their high antioxidant content. White tea is a particular strain of tea plant that is known to originate in the Fujian province. It is now planted in other parts of China making it more available.

white teaWhite teas are not fermented. The leaves are steamed shortly after picking. White teas are left close to its natural state and offers a great choice for anyone seeking tea’s antioxidant benefits.

White teas produce a yellow hued brew that delivers a distinctive mellow flavor. White tea has been shown to have greater levels of antioxidants than other green teas, mainly because of the minimal processing that white tea undergoes.

Some studies indicate that white tea may be 5 times more effective than green tea in combating cancer. White tea is also said to contain more caffeine than other teas.

However, it is not the caffeine alone that gives white tea it’s healthful properties. It is the other micronutrients that work in tandem with the caffeine, which makes white tea so potent. White and green teas have also been shown to possibly help increase fertility in women.

Whether you are looking for the antioxidant benefits of tea or just want something different, white tea provides unique flavors combined with significant health benefits.


White Tea -- A Healthier Choice

Just like how green olives and black olives which come from the same olive plant, and the white pepper and black pepper from the same pepper plant too, as do green tea, black tea, and white tea come from the same tea plant as well.

This small bush plant is known as the Camellia sinensis, which is famously found in basically all hilly plantation areas.

Out of all the different types of teas, the most famous is the black tea, and then comes the green tea, then the white tea, and so goes the list.

White tea, although not so particularly famous, has been becoming more famous lately. All the teas, as we know, not only differ in colors but also in their chemical composition. Same goes to that of the white tea, which is different from the others and yet has similarities as well.

How is it Produced?

Compared to the other types of teas which are taken a few days after the tea leaves are ripe and so on, the white tea instead comes from the youngest and most tender tea leaves.

The leaves, at this stage, are often covered in tiny white hairs, and the leaves are harvested when they are a light greenish-gray color and immediately after that they are dried briefly and heated quickly. Especially compared to that of all the others, all the processes are done very quickly so that the leaves do not oxidize.

After all these, then comes the nice smelling process of the delicate flavored white tea. This tea is handled very carefully and, according to tea experts, it should be steeped in water that is very hot, slightly below the boiling point.

What are the Benefits?

White tea is very good for your health, and in fact it has the highest percentage of healing power compared to all of the other teas due to its composition and the way it is made. As we all know, green tea contains antioxidants, which helps us to fight aging and counter sicknesses such as cancer and arthritis, and when it comes to white tea, the amount generally is twice of that of green tea.

Besides that, the white tea extract by nature itself can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the body, and it also helps to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol, which green tea does slightly lesser.

Also, white tea has the least amount of caffeine compared to the other type of teas. And this makes it a better alternative for all types of daily drinks. But one thing about this white tea is that it can be quite expensive.

Isn't it time you tried white tea?

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