White Crane -- Poise and Longevity

The white crane is a symbol for a long life because of its long life span.

This regal creature is often pictured standing still on one leg, a symbol of perfect poise.

The white crane is often associated with the gods in Chinese myths. In many legends these immortals ride the crane and soar through the skies.

White crane is also the name of a very well-known Chinese "kung fu".

A white crane is often paired with a peach. Both are symbols of longevity and so mean “double longevity”.

Another common image is that of a crane among Chinese pine trees. Pine trees are frequently featured in Chinese landscape paintings. They stand for longevity. When the pine and crane are featured together, they are a wish for good health and long life. Perfect on a gift for an elderly person's birthday.

Another common picture is a white crane standing on one leg and looking at the sun as the tide comes in. The tide “chao2” 潮 sounds the same as the imperial court “chao2” 朝 and so means a noble person wishing for high office.