"Double Happiness" Special Offers for the Season

I cracked my head and put together these two special offers for you:

  1. Special Offer One:
  2. Buy “A Musical Journey and get a Salad Park “Learn Mandarin” DVD valued at USD24.95 free. While stocks last. A lot of people liked this offer last year, so I’ve offered it again. But act fast because my DVDs are going out the door fast and I’ve only got limited numbers of them!

  3. Special Offer Two:
  4. When you purchase either the Rosetta Stone Chinese Language-learning course or Transparent Language Comprehensive Chinese Audio Course from my website you will get my Chinese Naming Service free – but only for the first 20 people who email me their receipts.

    If you’ve ever wanted a Chinese name (I mean a real Chinese name), then this is your chance to get one free.

    You’ll receive a professionally transliterated (NOT translated) Chinese name. It’ll sound like your English name, have auspicious meanings and will impress the socks off your Chinese friends, guaranteed.

    And you’ll receive the graphic files of your new Chinese name in different Chinese calligraphic styles by email. You can print your new Chinese name on your business cards.

    A similar type of professional naming service – if you can find it – costs more than USD100.

    Note: This is not translating English names into “stock” Chinese names like “pi3 de2” for Peter or “zhu1 li4” for Julie. These type of names, frankly speaking, are useless, because they have NO meaning. A very important part of the beauty of Chinese names lies in the meanings of each Chinese character.

    I have already done private consultations for American individuals and companies on Chinese naming. And “I” is actually three people. One of the team members is a master calligrapher and artist who’s an expert in Chinese classics. You can see an example of his calligraphy on my blog page. The other two of us are effectively bilingual in English, French and Chinese and have cross-cultural business backgrounds with blue-chip European and American companies in China. We’ve lived and worked in Asia and North America.

    I will be rolling out my Chinese Naming Service in January 2006 before Chinese New Year. You’ll be reading more about it on my site in the days and weeks ahead.

    But for the first twenty people who purchase either the Rosetta Stone or Transparent Language Chinese Course by Dec 31st, you’ll get my professional Chinese naming service free.

    It’s my way of thanking you in this season of giving. And if you’re fast enough and purchase by midnight Dec 7th (eastern time), I will send you an autographed, advance copy of “Shaolin: legends of Zen and Kung Fu”.

    Remember, this offer is only for the first 20 people! So act now!