Are Phone Cards to China cheaper than Long Distance Carriers?


What are the advantages of using prepaid phone cards to China over the international rates provided by long distance carriers?

With your long distance carrier, you are being billed at the end of the each month. You are being charged for all your calls, but INCLUDED are many other different charges for taxes, fees and services.

Usually you will not be able to choose calling rates. And you probably won't remember the current rates that you are going to be charged, unless you call the company each time you plan to make international calls to China and ask their rates.

In short, it can be difficult to control your monthly expenses. However, the most important factor is that most long distance carriers have much higher rates than prepaid phone cards to China.

Therefore, the main advantage of using prepaid phone cards is that you will avoid paying extra fees, taxes and different charges.

And since you do not have any accounts or contracts, you can choose the cards with the best rates for the country you're calling most.

With prepaid phone cards you control your calling expenses: since you pay in advance; there are no bills and therefore no surprises at the end of each month!

Most importantly, prepaid phone cards to China offer rates that are much lower than a telephone company's basic international rates.

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