Peony Flower – Queen of Flowers

The peony flower is the national flower of China.

Since 1,500 years ago, this majestic flower is popular in the imperial palaces, for it symbolizes prosperity and nobility.

The peony flower also represents spring and the beauty of a woman.

Because of its stellar qualities, peony designs are very popular on home decor items, and jewelry for women, and as the subject of Chinese paintings. (click on painting on left to see more)

Nothing beats this elegant flower when it comes to lending a touch of class to the home or female wearer.

Peonies are often featured on vases for together they convey the wish for wealth, nobility and peace “fu4 gui4 ping2 an1”. Vase “ping2”瓶 sounds like safety/peace “ping2 an1” 平安 and fu4 gui4 富贵 means wealthy and noble in that order.

When peony and lotus are featured together they represent beauty, purity, wealth and rank.

When this flower and peaches are put paired they mean lasting wealth and health. (peach represents a long life).

When the peony flower is pictured with a lotus, chrysanthemum, and plum blossom, it means peace in four seasons, si4 ji4 ping2 an1 四季平安. Now what better wish is there than this?