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Oolong Tea Intro

Oolong tea (also Wulong or Wu Long) is a variety of semi-fermented (oxidized) tea that is known for its intense and flowery qualities. Oolongs range from bright green and slightly fermented to dark-leafed and hearty.

oolong teaThe greener varieties are less fermented and one can see the slight withering and browning of the edges where the leaves were allowed to oxidize.

These edges are bruised through shaking to assist the process of oxidation. The tea is then dried fully, locking in the rich flavors that oolong tea is known to offer.

Oolong’s unique drying process creates a tea that has many metabolic stimulating attributes and can be used for weight management in addition to a well balanced diet.

Oolong teas offer a spectrum of flavors that impart unique notes and elegant bouquets.

Tieguanyin is a favorite. These thick, shiny dark green leaves release a flowery, amber brew. Moderately fermented, Tieguanyin is a balanced and great all purpose tea.

Wuyi Cliff teas are grown in Fujian Province where the weather is mild all year and the mountains are misty and cool. Nature creates an environment where many sub-species of tea trees exist and many distinct types of oolong tea are grown. Wuyi oolongs such as Dahongpao and Tieluohan offer rich lasting flavors.

These leaves are highly fermented before they are twisted and dried. These more fermented oolongs are known to aid digestion.

By increasing one’s daily Oolong tea consumption to 4-10 cups (5 oz cups) the body will perform at an optimum level with an increased feeling of energy and vitality.


Secrets Of Wu Long Tea

Wu Long tea, also known as “black dragon tea”, is among many teas that have an almost mythic quality to them. Their very existence seems to hearken back to another time in which tea was king or queen of the land and in which the tea itself had mystical healing powers that were used by everyone regardless of class or distinction.

As we look at our present times, it seems that not much has changed in a lot of the world. We still revere tea and will still view it as having healing powers and magical values to it. It also still unites classes, just like Wu Long tea of old, and engages people in conversation.

There are three types of teas coming from leaves of the tea bush. There are black teas, green teas, and Oolongs. The Oolongs are the Wu Long tea of which we speak.

The Oolong teas combine the properties of oxidation from both the green and black teas and come up somewhere in the middle of the oxidation scale. They are neither fully oxidised nor not oxidised and maintain properties of both teas in their existence.

This makes the Oolong teas exacting in specification and a great combination of the best qualities in both teas.

A Good Oolong

Wu Long tea is incredibly good for you as it creates a healing process within that is remarkable. A good Oolong is going to be very refreshing and delicious, very pleasing to the palette as a whole and enriching to your life.

The spectrum of teas of this type available range from the very aromatic to the smoother tasting, offering a lot of variety in one tea categorization. Anything that you are likely used to from your green or black tea varieties is available with an Oolong, so give it a shot and check out some of your options in the world of Wu Long tea.

The average cup of Oolong contains about half the amount of caffeine as is in a normal cup of a black tea or a green tea. The Oolong tea has little to no traces of bitterness unless it is over brewed and tends to have a stronger smelling aromatic flavour than most green or black teas.

Wu Long tea is becoming increasingly popular in the world because of the great factors mentioned as well as the health values that are presented with this incredible tea alternative.

Drink Oolong today!

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