Number Eight -- You can't get more auspicious than this number!

You can't get more asupicious than the number eight!

Eight ba1 in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese rhymes with fa1 meaning "to prosper" or "attain great wealth".

As you can imagine, telephone numbers, license plates, address numbers, are very much sought after and can command sky-high prices. The more eights -- especially in a row, the more expensive the number!

It goes without saying that when choosing a day to start a business, entrepreneurs choose a day that has the number eight. No other calendar day is favored more than the eight day of the eight month, an auspicious day bringing "gushing" wealth to the business.

(As many of you may already know, the Number Four is the most avoided number. In Mandarin but particularly in Cantonese it sounds like "death". If you go to Hong Kong and take a elevator in a building, you won't find the fourth floor.)

Generally even numbers are considered lucky numbers. Six is another favorite for it sounds like shun4 "everything going smoothly". Two is another lucky number for it means all good things doubled!

Some of the most popular number combinations with number eight are:

  • 18 (yi4 ba1 sounds like "easy to prosper")
  • 168 (yi4 lu4 fa1 sounds like "all the way to wealth")
  • 28 (in Cantonese it sounds like "easy to attain wealth)
  • 318 (in cantonese it sounds like "business will prosper")