Learning Chinese Language Fast

Do you know you could be learning Chinese language and speaking it in a relatively short time?


I’m talking weeks not months and years. Imagine conversing fluently in Mandarin with a native Chinese speaker. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

What does it take to learn Chinese fast?. It’s simple actually. Only two things are required for learning Chinese language effectively in a short time:

  • Motivation (supplied by you of course)
  • First-rate, native Chinese speaker learning materials

Since motivation in adequate doses has to come from you the learner, there’ll little I need to add.

Except this: have a clear reason why you’re learning Chinese.

For instance: "Because I would like to converse naturally with my Chinese friends” or “Because I’m really interested in Chinese language and culture and I hope to use my Chinese skills when I visit China some day.”

Whatever the reason, make sure you have a clear and personal interest in learning the Chinese language.

And then picture yourself enjoying your reward: speaking Mandarin or writing in Chinese easily as though it were your mother tongue - in any personal or social situation you imagine!

What do the best learning Chinese language programs offer?

Select a program that offer these benefits:

  • Focused ONLY on basic Chinese words and phrases native speakers actually use in real life situations (between 1,000 to -3,000 words)
  • Little or no memorization required
  • Repeat words at intervals and make it fun and varied each time!
  • Simulates our natural language learning process (We learn our first language as a child almost by magic)
  • Designed so our brain intuitively “gets” the syntax and structure of language
  • Course engages you and makes you want to learn
  • The result? You learn to speak Chinese quickly, easily and you have fun!

    Our Secret Weapon

    Do you know you have a hidden advantage when learning foreign languages? It’s a secret weapon that all of us possess but not many of us realize.

    Do you know our brains are actually "tuned" to pick up and analyze language? That’s right. It’s how we learn our native language as a child. That’s how many kids are bilingual. We didn’t "try" to learn words. Or go to language school. Speaking a language just happens naturally and effortlessly! The linguists who design the best learning Chinese language programs out there replicate natural language learning processes. These courses immerse the learner in real-life dialogue based on real-life situations.

    This may sound simple but is actually not that easy to do. That’s why there’s a big difference between ordinary textbook-based Chinese courses which try to "get it all together" and the ones which deliver the "real thing".

    Taking advantage of our brains’ natural language ability is surely the fastest way to learn Chinese Mandarin effectively! Which then are the best learning Chinese language courses out there?

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