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Recommended Free Resources for Learning Chinese:

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    How to Learn Chinese with More Fun and in Less Time in Five Easy Steps. ONLY step-by-step guide available online that gives you, the Chinese learner, proven tips on how to approach the study of Chinese for better and faster results AND the 80% of important basics you’ll need to know -- in 20% of the time.

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  • How to Learn Chinese with More Fun and in Less Time in Five Easy Steps

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  • Free Chinese MP3 Lessons
    Interactive audio lessons for learning Chinese -- and they're free. What could be better?

Recommended Programs for Learning Chinese

Speaking and Writing Chinese (Mandarin) Guides

  • Chinese Writing -- Writing Chinese Characters
    To learn Chinese writing, you'll need to know each Chinese symbol or character individually. You will have to accumulate a vocabulary of at least 3,000 characters to understand 90% of what you read.

  • Chinese Grammar - the 80/20 Guide
    It’s called the 80/20 guide to Chinese Grammar – spend 20% of your time on the 80% that’s important. Fortunately for Chinese learners, Chinese grammar is a relatively straightforward affair. Chinese grammar is less complicated than English grammar.