How to Learn Chinese with More Fun and in Less Time in Five Easy Steps

ONLY step-by-step guide available online that gives you, the Chinese learner, proven tips on how to approach the study of Chinese for better and faster results AND the 80% of important basics you’ll need to know -- in 20% of the time.(updated Mar 28 2006)

Dear friend,

Are you interested to learn Chinese but you’re wondering how to do it effectively and in less time?

Simply overwhelmed by the free information available online and don’t know where to start?

This free 5-part e-course removes the noise and clutter and shows you a way that’s simple and proven to work.

Many sites on the internet offer free information on learning Chinese. They either provide too much information and get too academic or their information are badly organized.

They don’t tell you how you should approach the study of Chinese for better results. How you learn Chinese is more important than what you learn!

And they aren’t focused on delivering ONLY the most important basics of listening, speaking, writing, reading (in that order) you’ll need to know at the beginning stage.

That’s why I put together this mini-course for you, the Chinese learner, based on my own experience of becoming effectively fluent in spoken and written Chinese.

It’s a step-by-step guide to learning to speak, write and read Chinese for the beginner that’ll save you time (and all the headaches!) and gets you the results you want.

Just fill in your email below and each day over the next 5-days you’ll receive one part of the "map" for learning to speak, read and write Chinese in less time.

How to Learn Chinese with More Fun and in Less Time in Five Easy Steps

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This e-course that I’ve specially put together covers the following information:

  • How you can start speaking Mandarin right away.
  • Which course of Chinese language study should you choose: join a class, get a private tutor or learn on your own?
  • How to grasp Chinese pronunciation fast.
  • Why you should learn pinyin, then forget about it.
  • What is the easiest way to learn Chinese grammar?
  • A proven system for reading and writing Chinese characters.

As I mentioned earlier, I am effectively bilingual in both spoken and written English and Chinese. My first language is English and I became proficient in Chinese while doing business in China.

Eight years ago, I couldn’t tell a taxi driver in Beijing where I was going. Today, if I speak Mandarin anywhere in the world, even in China, people find it hard to believe I’m NOT a native Chinese.

You can be fluent in Chinese. You can read and write Chinese characters easily. It can all happen one day, but it all begins here. Just fill in your email address below to start learning Chinese with more fun and in less time.

To Your Success,

Liow Kah Joon

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