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Are you interested to learn Chinese but you¡¯re wondering how to do it effectively and in less time? Simply overwhelmed by the free information available online and don¡¯t know where to start? News, articles and tutorials to help you learn Chinese.

Where is the Chinese alphabet?
Seven Free Online Resources for Learning Chinese Faster
In Asia, English is useful but Mandarin is rising
How hard is it to learn Chinese?
The Challenge of learning Chinese characters
My 80/20 guide to Chinese pronunciation
The push is on to learn Chinese
Learn Chinese -- It's Easier Than You Think!
Schools see a demand for Chinese
Learning Chinese: Next Big Thing?
Fewer Are Writing Chinese Characters in China
Kindergartners to Fifth-graders Learning Chinese
Want to study Chinese? Join the crowd
Learning Chinese in Grand Forks
Latest in U.S Schools offering Chinese Classes
If God had taught man a language, that language would have been Chinese.
Learn Mandarin and understand Chinese culture
How do Chinese characters in Korean language arise?
Tug of War between Two Chinese Writing Systems
The Case of the Missing Chinese alphabet
Learn Chinese on the Cheap
East meets West in this US school
Along with ABCs, some are learning "yi er san si wu.."
Getting used to life in China
Reading & writing Chinese characters
Adventures of a 17-year-old learning Chinese in China


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