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Half the Sky was created by adoptive parents of orphaned Chinese children in order to enrich the lives and enhance the prospects for the children in China who still wait to be adopted, and for those who will spend their childhoods in orphanages. We establish early childhood education, personalized learning and infant nurture programs in state-run Chinese welfare institutions to provide the children stimulation, individual attention, and an active learning environment.

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Dear Friends,

I have been privileged to spend many of my days visiting with China’s orphaned children, who never fail to touch my heart. Children with big eyes and heavy hearts who have food, clothing, and shelter but no family to call their own.

I have also been privileged to witness these children blossom when they receive the one-on-one, nurturing care that Half the Sky’s nannies, preschool teachers, and tutors are trained to give them. Angry, uncommunicative, and listless children become the curious, smiling and feisty children they were born to be.

It is magical to watch these transformations, but Half the Sky’s method for spurring these transformations is not magic at all. The Chinese government does a remarkable job providing for the children’s physical needs. We simply supplement that care by giving the children the one-on-one nurturing that good families provide and neuroscientists tell us is essential for healthy human development. Like every parent who falls in love with a child, our trained nannies, preschool teachers, foster parents and tutors hug, cuddle, sing, giggle, make funny faces, and brag about the children in their care.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Half the Sky now offers four programs that provide family-style, loving care to more than 3,000 children in 11 provinces and municipalities around China.

In our Baby Sisters infant nurture program, trained nannies provide special attention to children from birth to two year old. Our Little Sisters preschools help children two to seven years old build on the close relationships we begin in our infant nurture program, and help prepare them to succeed in their local community schools. Our Foster Family project provides permanent homes for children with special needs. And our Big Sisters project provides help tailored to the needs of older children who will spend their childhoods in Chinese institutions.

Half the Sky has served many children since it was founded with small resources and big dreams in 1998, but there are so many more children we have not yet reached. Today our dreams are still big—we want every orphaned girl and boy in China to experience the family-style nurturing and love that Half the Sky can provide. With your help, our dream can become reality.

Thank you for helping us help the children still waiting in Chinese institutions.



Jenny Bowen
Executive Director
Half the Sky Foundation

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