Green Tea for Super Polyphenols


Chinese Green Tea Overview

With a taste that is light and refreshing, green tea is the perfect complement to any diet. Due to the way green tea is processed, it is healthy as well as delicious.

greenteagraphicThe leaves used to make green tea are heated soon after picking in order to stop the process of oxidation. By minimally processing the leaves, the tea’s nutrients are unaltered and the high levels of antioxidants are preserved.

The final drying techniques finish the leaf to create its ultimate appearance when dry. Green teas are a natural and delicious way to include antioxidants in any diet.

With the trend towards natural health, green teas are emerging as a favored drink. The popularity of green tea has created a field of research that is proving the therapeutic benefits of this ancient beverage.

Green tea has been shown to increase bone density in women. There is strong evidence that it helps prevent cancer and heart disease. Tea’s polyphenols may be 100 times more effective than Vitamin C and 25 times more effective than Vitamin E.

Green tea has been shown to help control cholesterol. There is also evidence that green tea increases metabolism that can promote weight loss, combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

As more studies of the benefits of green tea are conducted, science will further confirm what many tea drinking cultures already know about the positive effects of regular tea consumption.


The Health Benefits Of Green Tea

As many of us are aware, the health benefits of green tea create something special that is above and beyond the ideology of just another great cup of tea. The Chinese have known this for centuries, too, as they drink green tea on an almost daily basis to reap the rewards that come from enjoying this delicious beverage.

It is available in many different varieties and types of brewing, from a frozen drink to a hot tea with some extra fixings. It is one of the world’s most popular beverages, too, and the healthy aspects of it will only help to create a wider scope of appreciation for its quality.

With all probability, there is no other food or drink option that has as many reported benefits as does green tea. The Chinese have used it to heal and provide relief from multiple illnesses and problems since the ancient times.

It has been used as headache relief, for example, for thousands of years in China. It is also a well known treatment for depression and other possible psychological problems.

This is because it contains such beneficial vitamin power and other elements that it can downright blast through any illness with its incredible aspects of healing. It has also mystical qualities.

Mystical Qualities

Green tea has been used as medicine in China for over four thousand years now; each of those years it has created more of a mystical aura around itself for producing even more healing properties.

It is for this reason that this tea has reached almost mythical proportions to the utmost level and continues to ascend through to a status in food and beverage that few will be able to adequately rival under any reasonable circumstances.

Scientific research in the Western world is confirming this health benefits from green tea, creating a statistical record of the beneficial nature of this tea.

In fact, the National Cancer Institute even found that the drinking of green tea on a regular basis lowers the rates of cancer in Chinese men and women on the whole by nearly sixty percent. That is an amazing statistic that is backed by scientific research and confirmed by a major body in cancer research.

If it has these effects on people that drink it regularly, imagine what it can do for you if you integrate it into your dietary campaign at your house in your world. The possibilities are endless and delicious.

The green teas of China offer a wide range of flavors and varieties:

Longjing (Dragon Well) is nutty and rich.

Huangshan Maofeng tea is well known for a complex fruity taste.

Yunnan green teas are grown in remote areas of China high in the mountains.

When brewing tea remember that green teas are very heat and time sensitive. Don't be surprised if it takes you a few brews to get the concentration and flavor you are after.

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Chinese Tea Varieties

Green Tea -- Light and Refreshing, High in Antioxidants


Oolong Tea -- Light and Sweet, Aids Digestion, Increases Energy

oolong tea

Puerh Tea -- Rich and Deep, Decreases Blood Cholesterol, Promotes Weight Loss

puerh tea

White Tea -- Mellow Tasting, Higher Antioxidants than Green Tea

white tea

Herbal Tea -- Flowery and Fresh, Healing, Caffeine-Free

herbal tea

Black Tea -- Rich, Full Flavor, Prevents Strokes

black tea