Why Do So Many People Fail to Learn a Foreign Language?

Many people have at one time or another tried to take up a foreign language. But most of these efforts have ended in failure. Maybe you've been one of these people. (I know… I’ve been one.:( )

Well, why did this happen? Admittedly, there could be all sorts of personal reasons. But I’ll just talk about the language courses per se:

What is it about the courses which instead of helping people to succeed actually contributed to their failure? (Ouch!)

There are several factors, all or some of which are shared by “conventional” courses:

1. Ask you to learn random lists of words. (Excuse me…where’s the structure in all of this?)

2. Require you to memorize lots of words. (I just can’t seem to remember the words.)

3. Repeat the same words over and over. (…killing me softly with these words.)

4. Use some kind of invented theory of language. (Are u SURE this works?)

5. Emphasize rules of grammar. (Well, this rule says…)

6. Course bores you - the learner and makes you want to give up. (Help! I’m drowning…)

Instead of making it easy to learn Chinese, these foreign language programs present one roadblock after another.

In the end, they waste your time.

And you feel discouraged and disappointed.

If you’re in one of these programs as described you know where you’re heading…

But Take heart. Just look at these recommended Chinese as a foreign language courses Chinese as a foreign language and choose one that's right for you...

You''ll be well on your way to learning Chinese!