Cordyceps for Strength and Endurance


Cordyceps as Good as Ginseng and Reishi

CordycepsCordyceps (dong chong xia cao) has been taken for thousands of years to help build body strength and immunity, improve lung functioning, strengthen the immune system and even heighten sex drive.

Cordyceps has been an important Chinese herb for thousands of years and is just now being discovered in Western countries. In ancient China, Cordyceps was highly sought after as one of the most effective herbal cure-alls.

This valuable herb has been used historically as a daily tonic to help the body build strength, improve breathing and lung functioning, strengthen the immune system, heighten sexual energy and enhance longevity. Due to its anti-aging and immunity-enhancing properties, it has been compared favorably to Red Ginseng and Reishi.

Cordyceps is a Chinese mushroom fungus that can be found in isolated places in southwestern China. Although it was originally discovered as a parasitic organism growing on a rare Tibetan caterpillar (hence its nickname, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus!), most modern Cordyceps is grown on soybeans or other nutrient sources.

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