Chinese Symbol for Prosperity lu4

lu4, the Chinese symbol for prosperity, is all about attaining High Status, High Position, and Good Income.

Anyone who has Chinese friends or who has lived in China knows that Chinese parents place tremendous emphasis on their child’s education.

Such intense parental pressure on their children’s studies has roots in ancient times.

Back then a scholar who studies hard and passes the imperial examinations becomes a high-ranking official.

He brings great honor to himself and his family. His position guarantees an affluent and comfortable life.

The higher one’s titles the higher the pay and the social status.

Typical lu aspirations in China today are for high positions in government, or managerial positions in large foreign multinational companies or Chinese companies.

On the left is an image of a zhuang4 yuan2 riding a horse along the street.

zhuang yuan is the top rank obtained in the imperial exams. To have his "name listed on the golden bulletin" jing1 bang3 ti2 ming2 is the wish of every scholar in olden times.

The horse is a symbol of success.

The deer is a Chinese symbol for prosperity used in many designs because the word deer lu4has the same tone and pronunciation. The marks on the skin of a deer have become a typical symbol of lu and are used to decorate studies and stationery.

bai3 lu4, or "One Hundred Deer" represent prosperity one hundred times over. The mythical deer is said to live over a thousand years, so it is also a symbol of longevity.

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