Chinese symbol for peace an1

an means peace, quiet, tranquility and calm.

As a noun, it also means safe; secure.

The Chinese symbol for peace is written as a woman under a roof (upper part "roof" radical).

In its original form the symbol shows a picture of a woman sitting peacefully at home.

It means: When there are no wars or disasters, everything in the land is safe and calm.

It's possible that it means man (men) can have peace only if there is one woman in the house.

Examples of the symbol for peace in use include:

an1 jing4 = quiet

an1 ding4 = stable

an1 pai2 = to arrange

an1 ju1 le4 ye4 = to work and live in peace and contentment

an1 xin1 = feel at ease; free from worries

an1 quan2 = safe

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