Chinese Symbol for Mother, mu3

The modern Chinese Symbol for mother mu still looks similar to the original Oracle Bone Inscriptions. (Mother is normally referred to as mu3 qing1)

What we can see from the pictogram is this: two dots representing the breast of a mature female, two hands outstretched as though working and the woman is kneeling down in a submissive position (supposedly infront of her husband).

I just find this pictogram fascinating for its descriptive content.

Here are some expressions with the symbol for mother:

mu3 qing1 = mother

mu3 qing1 jie2 = mother's day

mu3 ai4 = mother's love

mu3 lao2 hu3 = tigress, referring to a shrew

mu3 xiao4 = old school, Alma Mater

mu3 yu3 = mother tongue

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