Chinese Symbol for Happiness xi3

Chinese Symbol for Happiness 喜 xi = happy, happiness, delight, joy

Making music and singing brings joy, that's how the symbol for happiness is formed.

Ancient Oracle Bone pictograms show a hand beating a drum placed on a stand and a mouth at the bottom.

Xi is one of the most auspicious symbols cherished by the Chinese and there are many objects and pictures which represent it such as the magpie, phoenix, mandarin ducks and carp.

The most popular and common is the Chinese Double Happiness Symbol 喜喜 displayed as red paper cuts at wedding ceremonies.

Common expressions of the symbol for happiness are

shuang1 xi3 lin2 men2 双喜临门 = double happiness has arrived

xi3 shang4 mei2 shao4 喜上眉梢 = radiant with joy

xi3 cong2 tian1 jiang4 喜从天降 = a windfall, godsend, unexpected good fortune

xi3 chu1 wang4 wai4 喜出望外 = very pleased, overjoyed

xi3 qi4 yang2 yang2 喜气洋洋 = full of joy

xi3 ai4 喜爱 = to be fond of

xi3 shi4 喜事 = happy event; wedding

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