Chinese Symbol for Friendship, you3 yi2

The Chinese symbol for friendship consists of two characters you and yi. The meaning of friendship is given in the character you so let's look at you, the Chinese character for friend. Normally this is represented by two characters peng2 you3.

The ancient pictograms for you shows two out-stretched hands. It represents two people shaking hands.

Just like today, shaking hands with someone means one is offering friendship to the other person and vice versa.

you also means "be on intimate terms".

The Chinese characters for friendship you yi are also used in the phrase you3 yi2 sai4 "friendly match"

In China, for many years the department store chiefly catering to foreigners is called you3 yi2 shang1 dian4 "Friendship Store". It's still around in Shanghai and Beijing but have been modernized to keep up with the times.

Other than you yi other Chinese expressions are

you3 qing2 = friendly sentiments

you3 hao3 = amity

you3 shan4 = genial

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