Chinese Symbol for Faith

The Chinese symbol for faith xin also means trust. The Chinese character for faith shows a man ("man" radical at left) standing by his words (at right).

So "stand by your words" = trust or faith in Chinese.

When faith is used as in "conviction", it is represented by two words in Chinese "xin4 nian4".

Another meaning of xin is "true; truthful".

xin is also a (written) letter since only "man" can "transmit words through writing".

As a verb, xin has the meaning "believe".

Some common phrases with the symbol for faith are

xin4 fen1 = envelope

xin4 fu2 = be convinced

xin4 ren4 = trust; have confidence in

xin4 xin1 = confidence

xin4 yong4 = trustworthiness

xin4 bu guo4 = distrust

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