Chinese symbol for daughter

The Chinese symbol for daughter is the same Chinese character for "woman", "girl", and "female".

That's because they all arise from the same pictograph.

In the old days women had a low social status. This is reflected in the Oracle bone inscriptions.

The character looks like a woman on her knees with her arms lowered and crossed in a show of complete subservience.

In later writing, the woman stands up but her waist and legs are bent, showing meekness and a mild nature.

These forms represent a daughter who is obedient and respectful to her parents.

The Chinese symbol for daughter is used with another character as follows:

(I use nu: to represent the pinyin symbol shown above the Chinese character)

nu: er2 = daughter (specific)

er2 nu: = sons and daughters

zhang2 nu: = eldest daughter

wai4 sun1 nu: = granddaughter

zi2 nu: = niece, brother's daughter

yang1 nu: = adopted daughter

Other Chinese expressions with the meaning of woman are:

nu: huang2 = empress

nu: shi4 = lady

nu: zhu3 ren2 = hostess

nu: da4 shi2 ba1 bian4 = a girl changes a lot in physical appearnce from childhood to adulthood

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