Chinese Scepter Ru2 Yi4
如意 -- Everything As You Wish!

What's a Chinese scepter? It's a short sword that Chinese emperors and nobility carry with them in ancient times.

But it's not "just" a sword.

The words for Chinese scepter is ru2 yi4 which means "everything as you wish". In other words, things are going as desired.

Ru2 Yi4 makes a great name for businesses and individuals. I know companies and women friends who have names that deliberately sound like ru2 yi4. Personally I think the name ru2 yi4 or something that sounds similar makes a great Chinese name for a girl. It's very feminine in an elegant way, sounds great and is very auspicious.

The shape of the Chinese scepter is said to be derived from the "magic fungus of immortality" ling2 zhi1 灵芝 or reishi in Japanese. (For a long time, people in Asia have been aware of the superior properties of ling2 zhi1 in boosting the immune system and increasing one's life span, particularly in seemingly hopeless patients and consume it as part of their diet.)

When given as a gift the ru2 yi4 conveys wishes of good fortune and prosperity. Scepters were originally made of iron and used as weapons. But later they were available in gold, silver, jade, bone, ceramic or wood. Today they make splendid decorative and gift items.

An image of ru2 yi4 combined with a vase gives the visual meaning of ping2 an1 ru2 yi4 平安如意 "may you have peace and everything you wish".