Chinese New Year for kids -- kid's activities for Chinese New Year

What are some of the fun activities for celebrating Chinese New Year for kids?

Whether at home or in the classroom?

One of the things a teacher can do is to play the CD in my book "A Musical Journey: from the Great Wall of China to the Water Towns of Jiangnan."

Track number one is Chinese New Year on the Great Wall. Play this festive music.

You'll hear and "see" a lion dance being performed on the Great Wall of China!

Play the other tracks in order or randomly and have the children guess which places of China the music represents.

Guarnteed to create a lively atmosphere in class!

For more Chinese New Year ideas for kids activities, this hands-on book by Cindy Roberts has plenty of "party ideas" for parents and teachers like dragon parades, lion dances and zodiac games.

Other recommended Chinese New Year for kids bookson

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