Chinese Longevity Symbol shou4

shou is about having good health and living a long life.

The Chinese longevity symbol is the most revered among the five good fortune symbols.

This is a picture of the Chinese character shou titled "Eight Immortals Congratulating the Birthday of the Elderly". The Eight Immortals symbolize Eternal Life.

I remember when I was young I would wish my grandparents

"fu2 ru2 dong1 hai3, shou4 bi3 nan2 shan1"

on their birthdays, which means…

"(Enjoy) Good fortune as wide as the Eastern Sea, and Life as long as the Southern Mountain"

Another famous longevity saying that's a favorite and often presented and displayed on calligraphy scrolls is

"wan4 shou4 wu2 jiang1"


"A life of thousand years without end"

Such is the esteemed value of shou in China that many homes display this Chinese longevity symbol.

The shou of family members are enhanced through landscape paintings and calligraphy posters or scrolls hung on walls or a statue of the God of Longevity.

Bai3 shou4

One hundred long lives = bai shou

This is a motif made up of one hundred calligraphic styles of shou.

bai shou panels or paintings are a great gift to wish elders long life!

Other Chinese Longevity Symbols

God of Longevity (shou4 xing1)

Pine tree (song1 shu4)

Bamboo (zhu2)

Cypress (bai3)

Crane (he4)

Tortoise (gui1)

Peach (tao2)

Moon Goddess (chang2 er2)

Eight immortals (ba1 xian1)

Queen Mother of the West (xi1 wang4 mu3)

Reishi mushroom (Ling2 Zhi1)

Chrysanthemum (ju2)

Longevity Noodles (chang2 shou4 mian4)

The Number Nine (jiu3)

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