Chinese Good Luck
Symbol fu2

Chinese Good Luck Symbol In oracle bone carvings, the Chinese character fu looks like two hands placing a jar of wine onto an altar.

The hands are offering wine to the Gods in the hope of obtaining blessing. Hence the meaning "blessing".

But the Chinese character fu can be used to mean

"Happiness", "Good Fortune" or "Luck" in general.
(as opposed to Huo4 "misfortune").

As Lao-Tze says in The Way (Dao De Jing):

"Good fortune lies within bad,
Bad luck lurks within good."

Since the Ming Dynasty (600 years ago), a large fu character would oftenbe found at the entrances of houses to bring a continuous flow of good luck through the door.

Usually written in black ink on red diamond-shaped paper, fu is affixed upside down.

This is because the phrase "to turn upside down" dao4, is also a pun on the word "arrived" dao4.

An upside down fu therefore means "Luck has arrived".

This good luck symbol is a popular decoration during Chinese New Year.

The bat bian3 fu2 is a symbol of good fortune. The fu in bat sounds the same as good fortune. A red bat is an extremely good fortune symbol.

This is a rebus for "Five Blessings Surround Longevity" wu3 fu2 peng3 shou4. The five blessings wu fu are: longevity, wealth, health, love of virtue, and natural death.

Five bats (representing each blessing) surrounding the stylised Chinese character for longevity shou is a rebus for wu fu peng shou, an extremely powerful motif for good fortune and longevity. Five bat motifs are very auspicious and hence very popular. I will feature more five bat designs in my Chinese Symbols ezine.

Other Chinese Good Luck Symbols fu:

God of Luck

Scepter (ru2 yi4)


Door Gods (men2 shen2)

Vase (ping2)

Cloud (yun2)

Buddha's Hand (fo2 shou3)

Oyster (hao2)

Spring Couplet (chun1 lian2)

Chinese characters above: Fortune Star Shining Above

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