How to Read and Write Chinese Fonts on Your Computer

Activating Chinese Fonts on your computer - Can you read the Chinese character text on this website or other Chinese websites? If not, follow the simple steps listed on this guide to read and type Chinese fonts on your computer. For all Windows and Mac users.


Viewing and typing Chinese fonts on your computer has never been easier. That said,you will still need to configure your browser, email and word processing programs if youwant to view and type in Chinese. Fortunately, there are a number of resources availableto help you do this. The first step is to decide what you would like to do?

Do you just want to view Chinese fonts on Chinese websites?

Do you want to type in Chinese on your computer?

The second step is to make a list of what type Operating System you are running and theversions of your email and word processing programs.

Now take a look at the following websites to locate the one with the most pertinentinformation for your system and software:

The best general guide to finding the right resource:

For Windows PC Users:
(great step by step instructions with illustrations for Windows 2000 & XP)
(guidelines for Windows 2000 & XP)
(instructions for Windows 2000 & Word 2000 or 2002);en-us;216596
(Microsoft Office Multilanguage Pack Instructions)
(Microsoft Global Input Method Editors additional help);en-us;311016#1
(Microsoft Windows 98 & ME instructions);en-us;177561
(Microsoft Windows 2000 & XP help)

For Mac Users:
(Mac OS X Jaguar help)
(Mac OS X Panther help)

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