Chinese firecrackers -- Ushering in the new year with a bang!

Red Chinese firecrackers are set off during the Spring Festival to ward off evil spirits and to ensure peace and fortune for the new year.

What is Chinese New Year without the exploding sound of firecrackers?

Unfortunately, where I come from (Singapore) firecrackers are banned.

But in China, Chinese fire crackers are also set off whenever there’s a happy occasion.

Like a Chinese wedding, the opening of a business, or a movie premiere.

Their noise creates a happy and auspicious mood!

Many Chinese cities now ban firecrackers during Chinese New Year. But people set them off all the same!

The earliest Chinese firecrackers are bamboo stems.

When burnt, heated air in the bamboo expands and makes a crackling sound.

To get exploding bamboo bao4 zhu2 爆竹, gunpowder was placed in the hollow of the bamboo stem.

The common phrase zhu2 bao4 ping2 an1 竹报平安 “wishing you peace” is an image of a boy lighting a bamboo firecracker.

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