Chinese Fast Food -- Good food at McDonalds in China

Want some "good" Chinese fast food?

"You can go to McDonalds."

No, I’m not advertising for McDonalds.:)

It's McDonald's marketing message in China.

About six months ago, I quit potato chips and Coke.

And I’ve reduced my fast food “outings” to once a month.

On one of those rare trips to McDonalds, I picked up one of their in-store brochures in China.

It’s interesting because McDonalds is “selling” consumers on the quality of their food.

Actually, the quality of their ingredients.

"Good" Chinese fast food.:)

How? By employing the Chinese character for food, shi2 食 .

This character is made of of:

Ren2 人 on top and liang2 良 below.

Ren2 means “man” or “human”

Liang2 means “good”

The slogan you see on the left says “good food comes from good ingredients”.

So, in McDonald’s marketing message, the Chinese character for food, shi2 means “what’s good for humans”.

And is supported by their advertising slogan.

The Big Mac on the right is a picture of "good food".

McDonald's is saying they're serving good Chinese fast food.

The rest of the brochure is a breakdown and explanation of all the ingredients.

I’m not a nutrition expert, so I can’t tell you just how good the ingredients really are.

But it’s interesting how an American company in China is using aspects of Chinese language and culture to build relationships with their Chinese consumers.

It’s interesting also because this is NOT what the Chinese character for food means originally.

It’s just McDonald’s marketing.

This is what the ancient writing for food, shi2 looks like:

A receptacle below filled with food, probably rice. The two dots above means that the food is overflowing. And the triangle on top is a lid to keep food warm.

(Oracle bone on left, Bronze Vessel in middle and Small Seal on right)

Neat isn’t it?

Does this brochure make me visit McDonald’s more often?

Let’s just say, I’m sticking to my diet.:)

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