Chinese Dragon Symbol, long2

The Chinese dragon symbol refers to a mythical creature in Chinese legends. This powerful creature commanded the wind and the rain and could change into varying forms.

The original pictograms show an animal with horns, a big mouth and a winding body and tail .

This is the modern simplified form of dragon.

The Chinese dragon denotes power and nobility. It is the symbol of the emperor and imperial family.

Chinese people in the world refer to themselves as "descendants of the dragon" long2 de4 chuan2 ren2.

Chinese people are also the "Sons of the Yellow Emperor" yan2 huang2 zhi3 sun1 referrring to the mythical Yellow Emperor from whom the Chinese race is descended.

(This is also the title of an excellent book on the Chinese diaspora written by Lynn Pan.)

Do you like Green Tea? Well, the best Chinese green tea comes from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and is known as "Dragon Well" long2 jing3.

Each year the best long jing tea is harvested early spring.

Some phrases using the Chinese dragon symbol are

long2 feng4 = dragon and phoenix (emperor and empress); can be used to refer to a couple in a complimentary way suggesting virtue and capability

long2 feng4 ji2 xiang2 = extremely good fortune brought about by the Chinese symbol for dragon and the Chinese phoenix symbol.

long2 ma3 jing1 shen2 = spirit of dragon and horse meaning healthy and vigorous especially for older people. A longevity wish.

long2 zheng1 hu3 dou4 = a fierce contest/match between two evenly-matched opponents

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