China Prepaid Phone Cards --

How to choose the best China prepaid phone cards


Calling China? China phone cards provide a great way to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, loved ones and business partners in different parts of China in a cheap and efficient way.

Prepaid phone cards offer the following benefits:

  1. 1. Low rates
  2. 2. Call China from anywhere -- at home or abroad, on business or vacation, in the house or at the office
  3. 3. Easy to use
  4. 4. Reliable
  5. 5. Convenient -- bring it in your wallet anywhere you go

Prepaid phone cards offer several advantages over long distance carriers

So, how do you know which China prepaid phone cards are best? There's no "best" card; just one that suits your needs. Here's five factors to consider when choosing phone cards to China online.

Five factors for choosing the bets phone card for your China calling needs

1) Where are your calling?

This means which country (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan etc.) or what specific city (Shanghai, Beijing etc.) you call using your China prepaid phone cards.

On the homepages of online phone card companies, look for prepaid or discount cards search box. Under "country" box choose your calling country and submit your search.

This search tool will find all the China prepaid phone cards that provide calling services to your country and will organize the cards with the highest calling minutes to the lowest minutes. Usually, the cards are also rated by quality of call marked by starts. Always give preference to cards with higher call quality.

Local access numbers (for the State or City that you are located or you calling from) are also very important. I recommend you choose a card with local access numbers. With toll Free 1-800 numbers, instead of local access numbers, you may incur additional per minute charges.

Note: Some cards that have local access numbers in the cards detail page, will provide a link to a new page with the list of all available local access numbers. Others will provide through an automated answering service the local access number when you call by using their toll free number and choose "yes" to their question: "Do you need a local access number?" After you get local access number, you need to hang up and call using the given local access number.

2) Where are you calling from?

Are you using a regular phone or payphone to make your calls?

If you are using a payphone, check if the prepaid China phone cards charge additional fees for using a payphone, how much it is and compare with other cards.

3) Whom are you calling?

Are you calling a regular phone or a cell phone?

If you are using china prepaid phone cards to call a cell phone in China, check if different rates for cell phones apply and make your decision accordingly.

4) From which country are you calling?

From which country (e.g. USA or Canada, Italy, France etc.), State or City you are calling from?

Note: Some cards are intended for use in certain city states. The card's name will include the state or city's name, or somewhere on the card, the state or city is indicated. These cards will have local access numbers (on top of toll free numbers) and may only work from specific cities or locations only. Be careful: don't buy these cards accidentally if you're not in the city or state. Cards without local access numbers and only toll free numbers can be used in any state.

5) How often do you call?

Do you plan to make long calls or short calls most of the time? If you plan on making only a few long phone calls with your Chian prepaid phone cards, then you should choose cards that give you higher calling minutes (or lower calling rates).

Connection Fees, Maintenance Fees, Communication Fees, Minute Rounding Rates, Expiration Date and other such fees and factors are as important for long calls. However if you plan on making short calls frequently, you should know about these hidden charges.

You may consider getting cards with lesser calling minutes (higher rates) but with fixed minimum charges. In this case you may also prefer cards with longer expiration dates and lower rates for minute rounding.

Note: the card with higher calling time is not necessary is the best card for you if you are planning to make lots of short calls. Generally short calls are those which lasts for less than 15 mins.

By considering the above factors, you can now choose the phone card that's convenient and saves you money.

Buying China prepaid phone cards online is safe, convenient, cheap -- many cards come with discounts. Good phone card sites provide useful tools to help you compare and find the best cards based on your individual needs.

Three easy steps to buying China prepaid phone cards online

  1. Select the best card for your needs,
  2. Securely order online,
  3. Receive your card online instantly, then make immediate calls using the prepaid phone card.

Prepaid phone cards can be delivered online, since you don't actually need a physical card to make phone calls; you just need a toll-free access number and a PIN number. These are either revealed on the website after you pay for the card or sent to you via email, usually within seconds of your purchase.

Note: Many prepaid phone cards can be recharged, meaning that you can add more time after purchase, by calling a toll-free number or going to a website and giving your credit/debit card information. The additional time is usually added instantly.

If you choose the China prepaid phone cards that're best suited to your personal needs, you can get good call quality and save a great deal of money.