My Child Book -- Why I write children's books

I never thought I would one day write childrens books.child book

After all, I have a business background. And so, the thinking goes, if I do write a book it would be a business-related book.

But as the best things in life go, they are totally unplanned.

And so I “stumbled” into writing my first children’s book in 2003.

As you can tell from my website, I love Chinese culture.

Ever since I moved to Shanghai, China from Singapore in 1998, it’s been an ongoing personal quest to re-discover my Chinese heritage.

I decided to channel my love for chinese culture into children’s books.

They would be for…

Adopted chinese children and their families

Children from Chinese families in North America

And a “mainstream” Western audience

I figured that as China becomes more important economically and Chinese culture becomes more popular around the world, more and more people would discover my book.

I chose to write non-fiction children’s books (instead of fiction).

Why? Because I felt there were a lot of wonderful things about Chinese culture but they were also very complex.

If I could simplify things and still make them entertaining then many, many more children and adults would get a taste of Chinese culture in English.

(That’s my first language, Chinese is my second.)

And if they became “hooked”, then there are many more detailed books out there that could inform their curiosity.

So, I wanted to create the “appetizer”.

That was how I imagined my first book “A Musical Journey”.

And since embarking on this journey, many wonderful things have happened.

My book received many good reviews from readers and I made many new friends.

It was selected as a Booksense Children’s Pick.

And I did fund raisings with children’s charities like Half The Sky and Children’s Bridge.

And as a result of my first book, I got invited by some folks in my country Singapore, to create my second book from Singapore.

This is “Shaolin”. It will be published in 2006.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best children’s writer out there.

That honor would belong to people like Robert Munsch and Demi (two of my favorites).

By what my team and I do well is create entertaining experiences about China for kids around the world.

Other than illustrations and words, my books come with music and video.

And the ideas and expression are all original and modernized for the 21st Century.

You won’t find anything similar out there. They are unique.

Here are the links for my two books and what my readers say.

And if you'd like to purchase them, they’re available from

A Musical Journey: From the Great Wall of China to the Water Towns of Jiangnan
Enjoy learning about China's diverse land and people through words, illustrations and music

Shaolin: Legends of Zen and Kung Fu
A fun and exciting discovery of Shaolin Kung Fu for kids who like Jackie Chan movies.