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Chinese Black Tea

Black tea is what most people think of when they imagine a cup of tea. We have grown up drinking bagged varieties of black teas from around the world. Most (80%) of the world’s tea consumption is black tea.

black teaChina’s major export of tea is still predominantly black tea. Black teas are fully fermented teas and have the highest amounts of caffeine of any of the tea varieties. Black tea also has the least amount of antioxidants and essential nutrients. In China these are also known as Hong (red) teas.

Black teas are highly processed and undergo oxidation and roasting to create their rich flavors. Although they are processed more than other teas, they can still be a healthy addition to any diet. Research has shown that decreased stroke incidence in men was directly related to flavinoid intake, 70% of which was found to come from black tea consumption.

Because black tea has such a mellow taste it easily blends with other flavors. Many well known teas are, in fact, made by adding flavorings to black tea.


Learning About Rich Black Tea

Black tea is one of the teas that is included in the four-group classification of basic teas: black (or red), green, white and oolong. It is a true tea, unlike the so-called teas such as herbal, in that the leaves are grown from the camellia sinensis, the one true tea tree.

This article outlines the types of areas in which black tea is cultivated and manufactured and, as well, the methods by which people generally serve and enjoy black tea.

Growing Black Tea

The areas which typically manufacture black tea are those of harbor high altitude areas and some which have a tropical climate, and this could include many areas such as the rainforest areas in South America, for instance. But traditionally, Asian countries were the prime host to the growing of the tea trees and the manufacturing of the teas for consumerism.

While the Asian countries still do control a corner of this market, black tea is now spread further around the world and many countries now greatly participate in the growing and marketing of black tea and black tea products.

Serving and Enjoying Black Tea

Black tea can be served in many of a variety of different ways; it can be served hot, which is a very common method in Asian countries or in Asian influenced restaurants around the world, and when served hot, individuals may choose to prepare it with milk and/or with sugar or other condiments.

As well, some others prefer honey and some even prefer that of spices like cloves or cinnamon. When served cold or over ice, individuals usually try out similar additions to their black tea.

Another popular black tea based drink is that of chai tea. While chai tea can be made using any of the other variety of teas, the traditional method is to use black tea.

Chai tea can be served either hot or cold, and cream and milk is typically incorporated into it to lighten it up. Additionally, some spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg are used to spice things up. Then honey, although sometimes sugar as well, is added to sweeten it to the drinker’s liking.

There are many ways to enjoy the tastiness of black tea. For the purist, they may simply choose to seep the tea bag for a few minutes and enjoy it straight up, while others may like theirs over ice for that hot summer night.

Still others may find that they want to go all out and create a tasty concoction like chai tea with the added sweeteners and the creaminess of milk and the kick of an extra spice.

Whatever way the drinker chooses to enjoy their black tea is obviously dependant on their own personal preferences, but one thing is for sure and that is that they are sure to enjoy drinking this tasty beverage.

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Chinese Tea Varieties

Green Tea -- Light and Refreshing, High in Antioxidants


Oolong Tea -- Light and Sweet, Aids Digestion, Increases Energy

oolong tea

Puerh Tea -- Rich and Deep, Decreases Blood Cholesterol, Promotes Weight Loss

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White Tea -- Mellow Tasting, Higher Antioxidants than Green Tea

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Herbal Tea -- Flowery and Fresh, Healing, Caffeine-Free

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Black Tea -- Rich, Full Flavor, Prevents Strokes

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