Bat Symbol -- this noctunal creature brings you luck!

Bat symbol? Think batman and you’ll think of bats as creatures to fear.

That’s the popular image of bats.

But in China, bats are very auspicious creatures. If one ever flies into your home, you won’t want to do any harm to it cause it brings you luck!

Bat symbols are seen on many Chinese objects, signs, and arts.

They often seen as two bats or five bats but seldom alone.

The bat is a symbol of good fortune because the word bian3 fu2 蝙蝠 sounds like luck “fu2”.

Two bats “shuang1 fu2” 双福 means double luck. A design of two bats with a scepter ru2 yi4 means "double happiness as wished".

Five bats “wu3 fu2” 五福 means Five Fortunes referring to Good Luck, Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness, Longevity.

For example, Five bats surrounding the Chinese character for longevity shou4 寿 is a very powerful symbol of fortune and longevity.

A red bat is especially auspicious because red “hong2” 红 has the same sound as vast “hong2” 宏. So a red bat means “vast fortune”.

When a bat symbol is shown with a coin – fu2 zai4 yan3 qian2 福在眼前 – it means fortune before your eyes. Why? Because before “qian2” and coin “qian2” sounds exactly the same. Another great visual pun.