Bamboo plant -- Lucky, Noble and Strong

The bamboo plant is associated with "Asian" and "Zen" in the West.

If you’ve seen the film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" you’d surely remember the fighting scene in the bamboo forest.

This flexible plant with solid joints and a hollow stem is not only great for fighting scenes in martial arts films.

It's one of the most "versatile" plants with a great many uses at home

Let's see..

there's bamboo furniture

bamboo garden accessories

bamboo jewelry (yes, jewelry)

bamboo clothing add-ons

bamboo heath care products

the list could go on.

Did you know that giving a gift of a living bamboo plant to someone you care about brings her or him good fortune? That's why the "lucky" bamboo plant is such a popular gift in Asia when visiting someone's house.

The bamboo is very resilient throughout the four seasons, and has come to stand for endurance and courage in the face of hardships. It’s the symbol of a noble and strong character.

An auspicious design of bamboo often includes the pine and plum trees, since all of them are durable plants in winter.

Bamboo zhu2 竹sounds like wish (as in wishing someone good health) zhu4 祝and is often seen in a picture of a boy holding a bamboo stick hung with firecrackers meaning “wishing peace” “zhu2 bao4 ping2 an1” 竹报平安. When this plant is burnt it makes a crackling sound and frightens of evil spirits.