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From the author of A Musical Journey:

“If you belong to an association, school or group, no matter how big or small, and one of your activities is helping children learn about Chinese culture, contact me. I have a Special Program for Children’s Groups to support your activities.” -- Liow Kah Joon

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An American Bookseller's Association Autumn 2004 Book Sense Children's Pick

A MUSICAL JOURNEY: From the Great Wall of China to the Water Towns of Jiangnan, by Liow Kah Joon (SilkRoad Networks, $24.95, 0973349212)

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A MUSICAL JOURNEY allows kids and grownups to understand China’s multicultural land, people and way of life. It brings together fun facts, vibrant illustrations and refreshing music to provide an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family.

What's in this book:

  1. Great Wall of China - The Chinese Dragon

  2. Silk Road - Connecting East and West

  3. Inner Mongolia - Flying across the Grasslands

  4. Xinjiang - Land of Song and Dance

  5. Tibet - Roof of the World

  6. Sichuan - Land of Abundance

  7. Guizhou - Land of Color

  8. Guilin - Best Scenery under Heaven

  9. Yunnan - Land of Eternal Spring

  10. Dongbei - The Cold North

  11. Central Plains - Cradle of Chinese Civilization

  12. Jiangnan - Heaven on Earth

Listen to "Jasmine Flower" a 200-year-old Jiangnan folk song, one of 12 musical tracks specially created for this book.

"Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China, is credited with kicking off this massive project 2,200 years ago. By connecting old sections with newly built ones, the Qin Dynasty erected 4,800km of wall in 10 years –more than one km a day!"

(From Chapter 1: Great Wall of China – Connecting East and West)

"The Miao are the most colorful of all minority tribes in China for their dress and rituals. On festive occasions, such as harvest celebrations, Miao women wear lots of silver jewelry and silver headdresses. Each woman easily carries more than 10kg of silver!"

(From Chapter 7: Guizhou – Land of Color)


Explore China through Music

A MUSICAL JOURNEY includes a CD of original folk music.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, the music of different territories (Silk Road, North East, South, Central Plains) and ethnic groups (Dai, Yi, Miao, Zhuang, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uyghur) of China are presented in a delightful way in a children’s book.

Here's more of what others have said about the book...

"It's a very nice book. Each page is dedicated to one region of China and is illustrated with a beautiful painting, which is, in itself, a piece of art.

The music that comes along is a surprising and successful mix of traditional themes and moderncomposition. Each track is associated with one of the regions depicted in the book and is a very nice representation of it.

One can almost visualize running horses of the Mongolian steppes or a caravan of camels along the Silk Road… This book will be treasured in our family as a good reference to the Chinese culture…"-- Claire Bonfils, mother of 2 adopted Chinese girls, Québec, Canada

"We received the books and it is FANTASTIC!!!"-- Melissa Kjospeterson, MT

“I shared (this book) with three of my children and they loved it. My adopted daughter is from Yunnan Province so I was delighted to see Yunnan represented in your book. Thanks so much for this beautiful book and the music is wonderful. The sounds seem to transport you to China. I hope you have great success with this book, and I will look forward to your future projects.” -- Lynn Warner, KY

"...the text is WONDERFUL! Very interesting and educational - yet easy to understand. The art work is beautiful. Both our children -- and their parents - will learn much from your book. I'm already looking forward to your next book. -- Nanci Carlson, AZ

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A wealth of detail in the text, illustrations, and music provide an all round experience. Come along with Ming and Kim on a musical journey as they fly along the Great Wall of China on a magic Pipa (a Chinese string instrument).

  • At each location, Ming and Kim dress up in the costumes of minority tribes. Through computer 3D, the beautiful embroidered motifs are rendered in full detail.
  • Soft and lush oil paintings depict each region in a realistic manner and are comfortable on the reader’s eyes.
  • A hand drawn picture map allows the reader to see the location of each landmark in the book.
  • The main instrument used in each musical track is drawn. The reader not only knows what the instrument sounds like but also what it looks like.
  • Fun facts sprinkled throughout the book make for an entertaining read.

A Musical Journey by Liow Kah Joon. 220 x 275mm, Hardcover, 32 pages, illustrated throughout, incl. music CD, Age 8+. ISBN 09733492-1-2. USD24.95

Liow Kah Joon’s children’s books allow kids all over the world to experience Asian stories in entertaining ways.

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