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Book Industry Reviews

An American Booksellers Association autumn 2004 Book Sense Children’s Pick

"...this title is a resounding success for co-owner and publisher Liow Kah Joon." -- Publisher’s Weekly, Oct 2, 2005

“The book includes a CD with 12 lively and delightful musical selections representing each of the highlighted regions.” -- School Library Journal

"A Musical Journey guides readers through the regions of China in an artistic, informative, and fun way. Each region is described in prose and through a beautiful painting, a song, and an illustration of a child wearing the local folk costume." -- Leigh Ann Johnson, University Book Store, Seattle, WA Readers

Reader Reviews

“You and your child will be guided through this amazing book with Ming & Kim who are also dressed in costumes of minority tribes through out the Peoples' Republic of China. This is how the book breaks down. Each page also has it's very own music track. The music is absolutely beautiful and is unlike any Chinese music cd that we own! My daughter loves to listen while riding in the car.” – KSL "emma-and-me", Seminole, Fl

"The illustrations and music are beautiful!! It was not only a wonderful A Musical Journey for my daughter, but was also one for my whole family. It helped us to share in a part of her life. What a treasure this book is. We are looking forward to many more books by Liow Kah Joon."-- Kathy Price, NJ

"this volume is ideal...for families who have adopted Chinese children and want to tell them of the background from which they came -- the fascinating China of words and music so skillfully combined here. As the jacket suggests, A Musical Journey is "an enriching experience for kids and grownups alike." Highly recommended!" -- Tess Johnston, Author/Editor/ Director, Old China Hand Research Service, Shanghai, China

"We received the books and it is FANTASTIC!!!"-- Melissa Kjospeterson, MT

"I shared (A Musical Journey) with three of my children and they loved it. My adopted daughter is from Yunnan Province so I was delighted to see Yunnan represented in your book. Thanks so much for this beautiful book and the music is wonderful. The sounds seem to transport you to China. I hope you have great success with this book, and I will look forward to your future projects." -- Lynn Warner, KY

"A whirlwind tour of China, washed by water music, singing birds and more. From the Silk Road to Dongbei, we wave to Mongolian and Uyghur tribes along the Great Wall.Geography, history, magic…all in one. Essential as an early introduction to China" -- Marie Serdynska, Coordinator of Multiculturalism, The Montreal Children’s Hospital, Quebec, Canada

"It's a very nice book. Each page is dedicated to one region of China and is illustrated with a beautiful painting, which is, in itself, a piece of art. The music that comes along is a surprising and successful mix of traditional themes and modern composition. Each track is associated with one of the regions depicted in the book and is a very nice representation of it. One can almost visualize running horses of the Mongolian steppes or a caravan of camels along the Silk Road… This book will be treasured in our family as a good reference to the Chinese culture…" -- Claire Bonfils, Québec, Canada

"...the text is WONDERFUL! Very interesting and educational - yet easy to understand. The art work is beautiful. Both our children -- and their parents - will learn much from your book. I'm already looking forward to your next book. -- Nanci Carlson, AZ

"A Musical Journey is not a simply children's music book. It's also fit for all those who intend to have a general knowledge on China's culture, history and civilization! Its rich content and its special style of representation make it an extraordinary and readable chinese music book for everyone!" -- Patrick Hon, Quebec, Canada

"I have experienced great enthusiasm from my students when doing my lessons with A Musical Journey. I found every page of this book easy to turn into a lesson. There is text, there is music - everything a teacher needs. The students have visual support, something to read to keep them focused and the music to listen to, to enjoy. This book brings together the imagination and the sensibility of the child." - Nena Constant, Elementary School Teacher, College Prep International, Québec, Canada

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