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Chinese Symbols ezine -- Good food at McDonald's in China
January 20, 2006

Kah Joon's Chinese Symbols ezine
January 20th 2006

How's your new year so far?

I started off this year by making a promise to myself.

A promise to continue making my health a top priority.

That means doing what I do twice a year.

Seeing a TCM doctor.

I just got back from my TCM doctor yesterday.

(TCM means "traditional Chinese medicine".)

No, I'm feeling quite all right.

I believe in TCM and twice a year, I have a TCM doctor take my pulse.

He gives me acupuncture and prescribes herbal medicine to keep my body in good balance.

Not too "hot" or "cold".

For my part, I make sure I get good rest and exercise and eat good healthy food.

Over Chinese New Year, I'll make sure I "keep off" the 4 kgs I've lost over 6 months.:)

Speaking of good healthy food...

Do you know you can get good food at McDonald's in China?

No, I didn't say this.:)

McDonald's did.

Find out how McDonald's uses Chinese characters to market to consumers in China on the quality of their food.


Did you know you can tell the origin of Chinese New Year just by looking at the Chinese character for "year", nian2?

Neat huh?

This is a wonderful thing about the Chinese language.

Find out what this symbol for Chinese New Year reveals.

To your health,

Liow Kah Joon

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