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your Mother's Day card
May 11, 2006

If you've been on my subscriber list for a while, you know that I send out specially designed ecards on major holidays and occasions.

Well this Sunday IS an important occasion.:-)

So here's our special Living-Chinese-Symbols Mother's Day card for all Mothers out there...

I've even included a very nice Mother's Day quote. What do you think of it?

The best part is, you can send the card to Your Mom or any other someone dear to you, along with your very own personalized message.

So go ahead, view the card and send it along to brighten a Mother's Day!


Liow Kah Joon

P.S. I haven't been sending out many messages lately, preferring to keep my communication to either special occasions (like this one) or to announce major "upgrades" to my site (coming -- its' been in the works for sometime now.)

During this time, I finally put the finishing touches to my new children's book about Kung Fu "Shaolin: Legends of Zen and Kung Fu". "Shaolin" is for kids and grownups alike who enjoy Jackie Chan and Jet Li films.

This new book comes with a 3-D animated story on DVD. Yes, the DVD is included WITH the book! I'll be announcing the book on soon.

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