2006 Chinese Astrology Forecast

2006 Chinese astrology -- The Dragon

(1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)

Your Benefactor is the Dragon

This is the Po Sui or year breaker for the Dragon.

Conflict with others will arise frequently. Sugarcoat your words and use soft tactics when dealing with difficult situations.

In career, success and failure both come easily. Give full attention to whatever you are working on this year. If someone’s decision is going to affect your options, keep your cool in whatever you do.

Think before doing anything that you know is not quite in accordance with the rules and regulations or you will get into trouble. Do not trust anyone blindly lest you get cheated. Be especially cautious about signing documents. Read all the fine print first and be sure you understand what it means.

Change plays a major part in every aspect of your career this year. Carefully find the jade among the trash and pay close attention to golden opportunities that other people are likely to overlook.

Money comes easily and goes easily too, so be prepared for the worst. There is a need to budget wisely. Avoid financial speculation.

-- Master Sang's 2006 Chinese astrology predictions