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July 3, 2005 16:47 - Chinese Symbol for Tiger

The Chinese symbol for tiger hu3 is a fierce animal. This can be seen clearly in the original Oracle Bone inscriptions.

The Chinese symbol for tiger has a big mouth, sharp teeth, powerful back, strong claws and tail and spotted fur. Later on this pictographic form was lost as it became simplified.

Because of the tiger's strength, courage and savage qualities the tiger symbolizes the military. Hence we have "brave general" hu3 jiang4 and "tiger's power" hu3 wei1.

Since olden times, the tiger has been paired with the dragon to represent yin (tiger) and yang (dragon), the dual forces that direct the movement of qi (energy) in the universe.

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July 8, 2005 13:58 - Someone asked me: "What is the Chinese symbol for daughter?"

Someone sent me an email asking about the Chinese character for daughter. Here's a brief explanation...

The Chinese symbol for daughter is the same Chinese character for "woman", "girl", and "female".

That's because they all arise from the same pictograph.

In the old days women had a low social status. This is reflected in the Oracle bone inscriptions. The character looks like a woman on her knees with her arms lowered and crossed in a show of complete subservience.

See the pictograph and read the article...

July 12, 2005 21:09 - What is the Chinese symbol for strength?

The original Chinese symbol for strength li looks like a tool used for ploughing: the upper part is the handle, the lower part is the ploughshare and the vertical stroke is the part to place the foot.

(Do you know how the Chinese character for "man" came about? It's got something to do with the character for strength.)

Ploughing requires a lot of strength, hence li means strength.

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July 16, 2005 21:24 - We all could do with more of this symbol...

There's too much tragedy in the papers, the London terrorist attack being yet another setback against civilized humanity...

I believe everyone's purpose on Earth is to find happiness, and to be happy each and everyday no matter what happens around us.

Surely we can all find plenty of reasons to be grateful and happy for each day. Just a thought. Kah Joon

Chinese Symbol for Happiness xi = happy, happiness, delight, joy

Making music and singing brings joy, that's how the symbol for happiness is formed.

Ancient Oracle Bone pictograms show a hand beating a drum placed on a stand and a mouth at the bottom.

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July 16, 2005 22:02 - On the subject of happiness and peace, here's the Chinese symbol for peace

Talking about the tragedies in my previous post, led naturally to the word for peace in Chinese...

Here it is... Kah Joon

an means peace, quiet, tranquility and calm.

As a noun, it also means safe; secure.

The Chinese symbol for peace is written as a woman under a roof (upper part "roof" radical).

In its original form the symbol shows a picture of a woman sitting peacefully at home.

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July 27, 2005 21:16 - Profiting from the wisdom of Chinese characters

China's People's daily newspaper ran an interesting story today about a leading businessman in Hong Kong.

It touches on how Chinese businesspeople view the world differently from their Western counterparts -- because they see the world through the Chinese language, which inherently contains much wisdom in its characters.

Even if you're not engaged in business, this article proves interesting reading and there's actual wisdom to be gleened from it.

Below is an excerpt:

He says Chinese phrases are inspiring and in between one may learn the wisdom and use it in daily living.

"Take the noun guo jia. Its English equivalent is 'country' or 'nation'. But the English equivalent only reflected the meaning of guo. The meaning of jia, or 'families', isn't there. From guo jia, we know a country is formed by thousands of families. A country prospers when the families live in harmony.

"Similarly in cuo shi, the English equivalent is 'wrong' or 'mistake'. This, however, only reflects the meaning of cuo without the meaning of shi, or 'loss'. In Chinese, we know that doing something wrong will result in a loss.

"There is another example in wei ji. This is 'crisis' in English. Again, the word crisis reflects wei only without ji, or 'opportunity'. In every crisis, we know that if we can handle it well, there's always the opportunity to find... The country's late statesman Deng Xiaoping had shown an impressive wisdom; he had turned many crises into opportunities for China.

"To understand this, we have to study history. This is especially true for business people. By learning history, we'd know if the course we're following is correct."

But what would he say to youngsters? It's still the same advice: "Survive the adversity." Having survived the adversity, one would become stronger.

Go here to read the full article.

Kah Joon

July 29, 2005 17:16 - The Case of the Missing Chinese alphabet

Chinese alphabet, Chinese alphabet letters, full Chinese alphabet, Chinese characters alphabet...

These are words which are searched by lots of people each month. (Last time I looked they number in the thousands.) All the people typing these words in the search engines are looking for the same thing:

The Chinese alphabet (where is it?)

"Unfortunately", there is no Chinese alphabet. So really lots of people have been searching for something that doesn't exist.

The Chinese writing system is totally different from English (which is composed of an alphabet).

This article I wrote explains why there's no Chinese alphabet.

Happy weekend.

July 31, 2005 20:52 - 12 Chinese zodiac sign - What's yours?

Do you know which Chinese zodiac symbol you are?

The Chinese Zodiac or calendar is made up of 12 Chinese zodiac sign. Each person is assigned an animal -- one of 12 Chinese zodiac signs, based on the year he or she was born.

The Chinese believed that a person's life is influenced by her animal sign. Also, certain of the zodiac signs get along better than others. For instance, it seems a dog and a chicken don't get along as well as a dog and a horse. (I've actually seen this in real life.)

Some people take into account the zodiac sign of a candidate before hiring. Others only go into business with partners whose zodiac signs don't clash strongly with theirs.

I've listed the 12 Chinese zodiac sign and the readings for each animal.

You can look up your Chinese zodiac symbols below according to the year you were born.

(Remember to have fun and not take the readings too seriously!) Kah Joon

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